The Lord's Prayer
Explained By Abd-ru-shin

THERE ARE ONLY FEW human beings who seek to become aware of what they actually want when they say the Lord's Prayer. Still fewer who really know what is the meaning of the sentences which they rattle off. Rattle off is probably the only accurate designation for the process which in this instance man calls praying.

He who examines himself unsparingly in this respect must admit this, otherwise he proves that he spends his whole life in the same way superficially, and that he is not, nor ever has been, capable of any deep thought. There are enough of them on this earth who certainly take themselves seriously, but with the best will in the world cannot be taken seriously by others.

Especially the beginning of this Prayer has always been taken in the wrong sense, even though in different ways. Those who try to undertake this Prayer earnestly, thus who set about it with a certain good volition, experience a certain feeling of safety, of psychic calm arising within them after or during these first words! And this feeling prevails with them for several seconds after praying.

This explains two things: First, that the one who prays can maintain his earnestness only for the first words, whereby they release this feeling in him; and second, that just the release of this feeling proves how far removed he is from grasping what he is saying with them!

In this he plainly shows either his inability to maintain any deeper thinking, or else his superficiality; for otherwise with the succeeding words there should again immediately arise a different feeling, corresponding to the changed content of the words, as soon as these really come to life in him.

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